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Download CopyCloud

You should have a CopyCloud account before you install the software.
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Download and install the CopyCloud software
here to get it.

(When asked "Would you like to open the file or save it?" choose Open or Run.) 

    Once you've installed CopyCloud you should know...

    1. Check off the files to backup  


It's important to check off files and folders you wish to backup since by default nothing is checked.

Check the "Kilobytes selected" (bottom right) to see how much you are backing up.

Anything exceeding your limit (initally 100Mb or 100,000 Kilobytes) will not get backed up.

    2. You are already scheduled!  


The installation automatically sets you up with a default schedule.

The backup will happen every weekday at around 3pm.

This can be adjusted by pressing the 'Schedules' button.


    3. Your first backup  


Your first backup will take the longest since all files are new. After this, only changed pieces will be sent.

You can begin a backup at any time by pressing "Backup Now".

Use the Logs tab to see your backup history.


    4. Your account  

You can review your account at any time by using the 'my account' menu.

Click here to go now :  my account