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Hassle-free backup is here!


Forget backup tapes, CDs, Zip Drives and sticky notes. Use the internet instead.

Use CopyCloud to keep a secure backup of your files, available for restore 24x7 anywhere in the world.

Cable / DSL speed  is not required.

Begin backing up your files in 10 minutes!
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Sign up for an account. All you need to fill in is your e-mail. Click here to begin.

2   Download and install the CopyCloud software. Click here to get it.
3   Check off the files/folders that you want to backup. Click here to see screenshots. CopyCloud will perform a scheduled backup to our secure servers.

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why choose internet backup
no tapes!
Tape backups are expensive, unreliable. Tapes need to manually fed and take up physical storage space.
keep it off-site
Keep your backups in a secure location. Your data is available 24 x 7.
keep it safe
Your data is protected with secure encryption of your choice (DES, TripleDES or 448Bit Blowfish). Even CopyCloud staff cannot view your files.
keep it up-to-date
Our flexible scheduler quietly keeps your backup fresh at intervals you decide. You'll get a summary e-mail so you know it's working.
Backup and restore your files without IT staff involvement. Our guess is they won't mind being excluded.
file restores
Restore files without having to track down CDs and tapes. You can view multiple versions and choose the version you want to restore.

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